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The Stelvio will Lead Alfa Romeo's EV charge in 2026

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Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato says that the second gen Stelvio is going to be the first Alfa Romeo to go fully EV in 2026. The Stelvio will be followed up with a large electric sedan.

Is anyone surprised they're not starting with the Tonale?

Stepping up its commitment toward electric mobility, Alfa Romeo’s chief executive CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato says that the second-generation Stelvio SUV will arrive with electric power in 2026 to replace the current model, and be followed a year later with a large EV sedan.

As reported by Britain’s Autocar, the Mk2 Stelvio’s design won’t change much, but the underpinnings will adopt the so-called STLA platform, which is part of Alfa owner’s Stellantis’ range announced a couple of years ago.

For the 2024 model year, both the Guilia sedan and the Stelvio will continue with gas power before the switch to electric, and will receive one final refresh before then, said senior VP Larry Dominique. The Italians have also added what Dominique called “buzz models”: the Estrema and the Lusso and Competizione editions.

On the subject of extended range for the EVs, Imparato mentioned that the Guilia successor would likely offer up to 435 miles on one charge. Given that the upcoming saloon and SUV will share a platform with the Giulia, they will most likely share its fundamental drivetrain offering too.

Alfa has also suggested that the 500-plus horsepower Quadrofoglio will eventually evolve into an electric variant of the Guilia, pumping out a possible overachieving 1,000 horsepower. A new plug-in hybrid SUV called Tonale, a bit smaller than the Stelvio, is due shortly at dealers in the U.S.
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2026 is still a long ways off. The Tonale will be the first Alfa with an electric motor and great gas mileage. It looks like the fully electric Alfas will be crammed from 2026 and 2027. Until the the Tonale rules⭐🏁⭐🎉💥❤
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