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Sunroof Pictures

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With the sunroof going in production late no cars were seen with sunroof.
Finally I found some pictures from Europe. I like the look of the car when the sunroof is open. I imagined the sunroof to be bigger though. Looks like roof is painted black around sunroof so it looked bigger.

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Wheel Vehicle Tire Car Vehicle registration plate

Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design

Window Vehicle Car Head restraint Automotive design
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I think that is similar to the Giulia/Stelvio. I have never opened my Giulia's moonroof. I just appreciate having glass to let in light.
The one on those are two panes. Interestingly Giulia has a roof piece in the middle of two panes while Stelvio didnt have that piece (which I really liked). Your rear passengers has glass too on Giulia:) I guess it is similar to the Giulias without the rear pane.

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Yea. I meant the front part only.
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