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I've noticed when someone specs Alcantara seats, the center dash also has alcantara, but not always. In other words alcantara seats should come with black alcantara with red stitching accented on the dashboard too, but it's not a given this always happens, sometimes with the alcantara seats I see black vinyl on the dash with black stitching and I swear I also saw black vinyl with red stitching with alcantara seats. The big question is how do you get alcantara with red stitching on the dash? I don't see it anywhere on the options, is it just a limited run that have this, is it an option. I assume worse case scenario, you could order the alcantara dash as a part later on, but who the hell wants to rip their dash apart and possible create rattles afterwards.
Looking at the pricing sheets that were posted only the Veloce lists the alcantara dash, doors, and armrests.

  • Red Stitching on Instrument Panel, Seats, Door Armrest, and Center Armrest
1 - 1 of 7 Posts