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EV Charging

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Been thinking about level 2 EV charging station install for the home for the Tonale.
Are you going with any one brand or not getting one at all. I know that there is 30%
federal tax refund for the total cost of purchase and installation so cost is offset
to some extent. Depending on where you live the utility or state may offer additional rebates.
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You can easily live with a normal 120v outlet since it is a PHEV. Unless you drive 40 miles, come home, and then within 2+ hours need to drive again, you will be fine. Plus, it has the gas engine.

If you want to take the plunge and upgrade your home, you can get an L2 EVSE.

The big brands:

Tesla - Yes, they make a J1772 Wall Connector
Enel X JuiceBox

Some electric companies offer rebates for certain brands which have WiFi connected EVSE which share information with the utility company.

The next thing to consider is what Amperage circuit you will have installed by an electrician. In order to future proof your home, you can have a 60A circuit hardwired to an appropriate EVSE. Make sure the EVSE is rated for 60A circuit (sometimes they are called 48A output, since the 60A circuit is stepped down 80% to 48A into the car). Now, this 60A circuit and 48A EVSE are overkill for the Tonale, but they are helpful for a future BEV. The max Amps the Tonale can charge is probably 32A (so 40A circuit is all you need, but again, that isn't helpful in the future).
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Check out Clippercreek. They manufacture many of the OEM charging equipment that come with EVs. They are not the cheapest but very rugged.
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I installed a juicebox 48 for my other car, planing to use it for the Tonale once I see them in the dealers. got 25ft of cord to reach the other side of the garage and it has been good for my other EV thus far. from what I see, Tonale shouldn't take long to charge even on 120v so overnight plug-in should work as well.
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I also installed a JuiceBox charging station.
its menu did not list the Alfa Tonale so I
contacted Enel-x support who have added
it to their setup menu.
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