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According to Alfa's official web site, the Tonale PHEV has a 15.5 kWh battery, and has 30 miles of electric range.

Using these numbers, it seems Tonale's efficiency is 1.93 mi/kWh (or 32 kWh/100km). That is a terrible number. For comparison, a similar size boxy XC40 AWD is about 3 mi/kWh or (21 kWh/100km).

Am I missing something? Or Alfa is expecting all Tonale owners have a very heavy right foot 🤔 ?

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According to Volvo, the XC40 gets up to 28 miles on a 10.7 kWh battery (2.6 mi/kWh), but I just saw a review which claims the true range is around 20 miles. If it's closer to 20, that makes the XC40 about as efficient as the Tonale (assuming the Tonale is actually getting 30).
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