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According to Alfa's official web site, the Tonale PHEV has a 15.5 kWh battery, and has 30 miles of electric range.

Using these numbers, it seems Tonale's efficiency is 1.93 mi/kWh (or 32 kWh/100km). That is a terrible number. For comparison, a similar size boxy XC40 AWD is about 3 mi/kWh or (21 kWh/100km).

Am I missing something? Or Alfa is expecting all Tonale owners have a very heavy right foot 馃 ?

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The numbers you are using are measured in different standards. 28 mile xc40 number is wltp (European standard). 30+miles for Tonale is EPA (US standard). European number for Tonale is 49 miles. Making Tonale 3.1 mi/kwh so very smilar to xc40.

All cars gets less electric range in US standards because of differences in driving cycles.
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Tonale will probably not get close to 30 miles. It is from Europe, not EPA. European testing is not real world and EPA is always a lot lower. So if they say 30, assume 20.

My Subaru Crosstrek PHEV (8.8 kWh) got 15 miles with HVAC on (17 per EPA).
Tonale 30 miles is EPA. Europe is 49 miles.
And it says 30+ I think they don't have the exact number yet but they expect it to be more than 30.
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Reactions: 1 does not list the Tonale yet. Wait for journalist reviews to test the actual range.
Yeah because it is not certified yet. That's why the web page says 30+ manufacturer estimated.
So they kind of promise you EPA number will be more than 30 miles when it is listed. I am just saying 30 miles is not European standards. It is EPA number. European number for this vehicle is 49 miles.

On my wrangler phev. I was getting pretty close to EPA number. If I drive all city it was exceeding EPA. (I live where there is almost no traffic though:))

I will test the Tonale once I receive and report the different condition ranges.

Btw EVs get less range on freeway vs. City. So if you just go on freeway and drive 80 mph. You will get less than promised. You will get significantly more range in city driving. My target in tonale is exceeding 40 miles in city on some specific route.
I鈥檓 aware I鈥檝e had 3 Teslas and a PHEV.

RAV4 Prime gets 42 miles with an 18.1 kWh battery. Tonale only has 15.5 kWh and they advertise 48 in Europe. 30 would be nice.
Ok may be there is some misunderstanding then. I thought your first message meant tonale is 30 miles Europe.

42/18.1脳15.5=36 miles. 30+ epa seems pretty reasonable to me.
Interesting, the international site is showing 82km (50 mile) of electric range.

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Yes. That's the number comparable to XC40.

The difference between numbers come from different driving cycles. European regulations and US regulations has different driving cycles (speeds/accerelations) for determining fuel economy and range.

European cycle is slower and milder accerelation which results in better numbers. US has higher speed and more rapid acceleration in the cycle.

IMO it kinda makes sense. Europe is more dense population their city speed limits are very low. You won't exceed 35mph even in areas considered suburban according to them but in US you drive 45-55 in suburban areas. And drive on freeways even in city馃槅
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