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Charger requirements for Plug In

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Would you be able to charge the Tonal Plug in with a standard household outlet overnight or will you need to install a Level 2 charger?
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Yes you can use the regular plug. It would take around 12 hours to fully charge.

Some electric companies give rebates to get level 2 installed and they charge less for electricity at night. So you may want to do the research/calculation. The investment may pay itself off in short time.
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Standard 120V outlet is fine, but you may want to check what else are connected.

Outlets dedicated for EV charging are "home run"s meaning they are direct connected to the panel without sharing. Normal household use outlets are diasychained. If you are using normal household outlet, make sure no other high power device would be used, while you are charging.
Like another PHEV:) Luckily I had another circuit coming for my garage door and ended up using that. I hate a dangling adaptor from the ceiling but didn't have any other choice.

Tonale will come with Level 1 cord.
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