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Charger requirements for Plug In

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Would you be able to charge the Tonal Plug in with a standard household outlet overnight or will you need to install a Level 2 charger?
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Overnight charging with a standard plug would work fine for me. Was just trying to determine if I would be required to add a new power outlet in my garage. If I don't have to then that is an expense I don't have to budget for. Most of my driving is just around town so the hybrid electric range is just fine.
Hey @thptrek welcome to the forum! You should be able to charge without a level 2 charger. How long have you had your Tonale?
I haven't ordered one yet. My local dealer called me about doing a preorder and this question I had came up. I really would like to see one in person before ordering. There is a Dodge dealer next to my Alfa dealer so if the Dodge dealer gets a Hornet in I'm going to take a look at that too. Just want to see the actual size of the care and interior.
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