Autogefühl has a new review out with the Tonale! As usual they do a great job being thorough with the ins and out of the Tonale.

00:00 Dat emergency braking sound!
00:10 all-new compact Alfa Romeo SUV
00:20 Alfa Tonale Veloce in Misano Blue
00:47 Alfa Tonale Ti in Montreal Green
01:16 Wheels and length
02:10 Suspension choices
02:42 Rear Veloce vs Ti
03:17 Spectacular turning indicators!
04:00 Interior Veloce with Alcantara seats
06:43 Interior Ti with leatherette seats
07:28 Cockpit overview with user interface
08:51 Digital instruments
09:35 Infotainment system
11:01 Ambient lighting
11:16 Rear seats Ti vs Veloce
12:22 Toe nail?!
12:22 Trunk / boot
14:12 Engine choices with MHEV and PHEV
16:01 Driving Ti 1.5 petrol MHEV 160 hp
19:35 Normal base suspension and wheel size
21:45 Agile driving in the city
23:08 Acceleration test
23:53 Difference to Jeep Compass
24:34 Ambient lighting in the tunnel
25:57 Driving experience vs bigger Stelvio
26:47 Hybrid driving element
27:21 Alfa goes all-electric in 2027!
29:38 Driving the Veloce with adaptive suspension