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Its being reported that "The Tonale will be on the road in 2021, followed by the smaller, electric SUV in 2022, completing the brand’s four-strong line-up." While this hasn't been confirmed by Alfa Romeo or FCA Group, its not hard to connect the dots as this automotive publication has.
The Jeep Renegade takes over 9 seconds to get to 60 mph, that is not what I call quick... hopefully Alfa puts a bit more pep in its step.

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From a Facebook post by someone purporting to be close to the project (take it for what its worth):

NEW UPDATE Alfa Romeo Tonale!
The tools for mounting the front axle are already in Pomigliano by March, the assembly line will be complete, the pilot should be available in April, first forklifts in May!
Presentation 9/21
Pre orders 10-11/21
Launch Edition Delivery 02/22
Tonale is done on the Small US Wide floor modified with Alfa Romeo shares, lightened and tightened by the weight of 1200 kg the base version and Q4 version for all engines.
Aesthetically of the concept remains only the Interior and aesthetically it should be similar 80 %to the renderings, new adas and infoteiment Harman!
′′ Alfa Romeo 965 ′′
Technical information
  • C segment SUV;
  • Total length of about 4,5 m;
  • Hybrid S-USW Platform ";
  • Increased (and maybe step);
  • Front and rear suspension type
- Engines
GSE * T 4
2.0 T 4 MHEV
2.0 Multijet
2.0 Multijet MHEV
- Infotaiment developed in collaboration with
* 1.3 or 1.5 litres
Productive information
- Production plant in Pomigliano d ' Arco;
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