Alfa Romeo is on track to have a record profits this year.
That’s according to Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares, who said Alfa Romeo was already profitable under Stellantis ownership and it was set to post record financial figures this year.

“Alfa is going very well,” said Tavares, speaking at the Paris motor show. “The business has been turned around and it is profitable. It is now in a position to fund its own future – it’s safe. The turnaround was done even before the launch of Tonale [the new small SUV that is launching now].

“This will be a record year for the brand. Alfa is set for the next 10 years. Since we created Stellantis, its turnaround has been spectacular.”

Following the Tonale, Alfa is understood to be readying an electric SUV for launch in 2024 and a saloon larger than the Giulia aimed at the US market after that. A sports car is also set to return to the Alfa range.

Alfa is one of three premium brands in the Stellantis stable, alongside DS and Lancia. Tavares said the contribution to the Stellantis bottom line of these three brands was “very limited compared to peers” in the premium market. “So it’s an opportunity for us,” he added. “This is one of our things working well at the moment, and what I see makes me confident.”

Tavares was also pleased with the performance of the DS brand within Stellantis. “It is going very well and profitability has always been very high,” he said. “I believe we are competitive and I’m very happy we’re doing an outstanding job.”