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Alfa Romeo and Zagato have announced that they are working together to bring a special edition Giulia SWB Zagato that will be coming in 2023.

This has the potential to be an gorgeous car when it gets revealed. Especially if the SWB (short wleelbase) implies that they'll turn the Giulia into a coupe.

We've been talking about Alfa Romeo's long-awaited supercar for quite a while and yet the Stellantis brand has refused to provide a preview of the hotly anticipated model. Thankfully, we're now being given an early look at what will be a Giulia-based project developed in collaboration with Zagato. Both the automaker and coachbuilder briefly teased the car on social media by revealing the rear light signature and the car's official name.

As the name implies, the Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato will have a short wheelbase. That tells us the coachbuilder will likely remove the rear doors and turn the sports sedan into a coupe. The continuous light is intriguing because it means the LED strip is mounted on the same body panel. It reminds us of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire's curved taillights and we're anxious to see how the rest of the derrière looks.

Even though we only have this sole teaser to go by, it's enough to give us the impression the Giulia-based coupe will be completely redesigned compared to the regular saloon. Knowing Zagato's modus operandi, expect a lot of nods to the past, especially since it has had a fruitful collaboration with Alfa Romeo. The latter's CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato has said some design cues from the T33 Stradale of the 1960s are to be expected.
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