The top-spec Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV is said to have a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a max output of 240 hp, an all-wheel drivetrain and pure EV range over 30 miles. An inline-4 gasoline engine producing 130 hp and 160 hp, and 1.6-liter diesel making 130 hp will also be available.

Other specs that leaked recently include the following:

"Size-wise, the Alfa Romeo Tonale will have a 2,636-millimeter (103.8-inch) wheelbase, confirming its relationship with the Jeep Compass in terms of platform. The Tonale will be 4,528 mm (178.3 in) long, 1,835 mm (72.2 in) wide without the exterior mirrors, and 1,604mm (63.1 in) tall.

In comparison, the bigger Stelvio measures 4,687 mm (184.5 in) long, 1,903 mm (74.9 in) wide, and 1,648 mm (64.9 in) tall. It has a 2,818 mm (110.9 in) wheelbase length."